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It's that time of year again, when mother nature is going to throw her wrath at your finish. Regular washes are fine, but getting 2 coats of a synthetic sealant on your car will help get you through these next few months of snow and ice. I can't wait for spring.

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terrible one said:
Wow, what a difference!.........
Sure is !
Specially since it just came out of the wash bay !!

Like turbomangt said: "Regular washes are fine......"
But you have to remember. Going through a regular touchless car wash will help but can also hurt.
It will not totally dry your car and you can end up with locks and self adjusting mirrors etc... being frozen.

Just cause you have keyless entry doesnt mean that the batteries wont die when you really need them. And if your key holes are frozen then what ?
Should try to make it a habit of unlocking your doors with the key at least once a month. They will seize if not used.

If you have curb assist side mirrors when in reverse.
Just my opinion......but I would disable them if you can during the colder mnths.
If your mirrors happen to freeze up, and then try to move, it may be possible to strip the gears in the motor.
Like I said its just my opinion. Dont know if there is any kind of fail safe there for that sort of thing. But I feel safer turning it off.

turbomangt ?
Would it be ok to apply a sealant under the cold conditions that some of us are in now ?
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