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Thanks everyone..!!!!!

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I don't really post much at all,but read alot of the questions and replies.I had a problem with my 2000 Deville periodically stalling at stop lights and stop signs:mad: .By reading and searching the questions and answers on this site I found how to read the codes (threw code for upper crankcase position sensor performance).Found out how to remove motor mount safely to access the upper and lower sensors easily.Dealer quoted me $400.00+:cookoo: .Did it myself with your help and $90.00 for parts (replaced both) and a couple hrs labor.My car runs like new again.Thanks to all who participate in this forum.

Read ya later:)
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It's really great to have this sort of talent available to you isn't it?

Incidently, thanks for posting a success message. Too often threads die here without that final reply all posters are waiting for. Everyone is left to guess whether their posts were helpful or not and what the final solution was.

It's much more gratifying to hear the end-story than to be left wondering . . . . . . .

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