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Texas Mile - March 09

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So yesterday me and a few buddies drove to the texas mile, at the Goliad airport.

Here are some pictures and videos to document. we took hundreds, but i tried to pull two dozen or so just so you get an idea what it's like

On the way up :)

This is how you know you're in Goliad during the texas mile... there were either trucks, or sports cars... nothing else.

During its first 200+mph run, when the driver braked, he cracked the rotors :/

The Autograf Mustang, on its 2nd or 3rd run, doing 203.7mph.

It was amazing the cars/trucks that knew where we were going. We had a lot of camrys, corollas, and impalas trying to provoke us

Pretty cool video (i think) of the carrera and GTO doing a flyby :)
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This one below was the three Mustangs from Autograf... 3 cars, and total bhp of probably close to 2800

This car did 237 i think... one of the top 3 fastest cars of the day.

I was the only V there.

Twin turbo GTO. 550rwhp, and daily driver. no problems ever.

On their mustangs, Autograf installs these brake cooling ducts, which make a huge difference when you brake at 200mph.

Another one of the top 3 cars of the day

This thing was all show and no go. Sounded nice, looked unique, but didn't do more than like 180mph.
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It's basically two airstrips, right next to each other, with 300ft of grass between the two. The racing takes place down the one runway, and then everyone else is set up on the other runway
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Sweet pics man. Looks like a great time!
Nice time, nice pics, nice vids! :thumbsup:

Isn't a Texas mile like five Michigan miles or something or have I seen too many of those pictures of jackrabbits with saddles on them? :rolleyes:
911 GT1!!!!!

Looks like an awesome event! I would love to get down there to check it out sometime.

Did you run the V?
naa, i didn't run the V, and i'm kind of glad i didn't... first, because there was as 25 person waiting list just to register, and second, because it would've been hands down the slowest car of the day.

Although there was one car, an 800 and something HP, naturally aspirated monster, that did like 75mph... what happened (apparently), is the engine died at 1/8 mile, and he coasted across the 1 mile marker at 75. i don't think he ran again the rest of the day, but what i wanted to know is how fast it WOULD have gone, if it cruised 7/8 of a mile and ended up at 75. must've been doing over 100 by the 1/8!
figured you guys might like these:

Josh runs a 203.7 - fastest Mustang of the day, and the first to hit 200+mph.
The maiden run:

Warming up the KR1000's tires for the second run

Its 2nd run of the day

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