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Texas Is SOOO big even my Zip code++ E I E I O

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Sometimes I forget how huge this place is.

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yes it is.... i took Monika on a drive from Atlanta to Seattle, took us damn near 3 days to cut across TX....a liesurly road trip, met lots of nice folks - saw crazy thunderstorms

1960s cross-Texas driver's chanty -

"The sun has riz and the sun has set;
Here we is, in Texas yet."
Longest drive I ever made was bringing our Escalade home from DFW to CA. So much horizon even with the speedo peg’d at 89 most of the way through.

Even the trooper was polite & friendly when I passed him with a 20mph difference at night. Thank God I knew not to go 10 mph over the limit. TX does not allow most states to attend their traffic schools so you’re fubar at 90+

Excessive speed 1-2 points
Passing on right (2 lane road) 1 point
Living in CA 1-2 points

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Loaded gun rack -1
Cleaning up armadillo carcasses -2
Bootlegging Shiner, Garrison, whataburger and blue bell. -4

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