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Test Driver from BMW Germany drove my V

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I know this sounds like a tall tale, and that's why I'm reluctant to post it, but I thought you'd like to know.

About twice a year this guy shows up in the states for business (he's now in high-tech), so I've come to know him somewhat. He use to drive for BMW as a test driver, including the M cars. He says his buddies still invite him down whenever there's anything exceptional to play with. Last year he was telling me all about the new M5, this year I introduced him to the V.

He'd heard of the car, but he said he never really thought much of it. When I tried to describe it as essentially a Cadillac M5, he scoffed at the thought and said something derogatory in German. Then when I showed him the specs, his eyes lit up. I asked if he wanted to take it for a drive and he said, "Ya Ya, let's go..... (read a heavy German accent in there).

Well, let's just say he scared the excrement out of me. I haven't learned to drift yet, but I now know my V does it very nicely. This guy was unbelievable. We drove very gingerly until the engine warmed up and then all hell broke loose. Every once in a while he'd casually say, "Hmmm.... just like the M5"..... maybe a little faster...." (I assume he was talking about the V8 version.) He made positive comments about the V's chassis balance and the stability it managed both in the corners and at high speeds (he took it up to about 135).

Anyway, I was so embarrassed when that damn oil temp light came on. I know it's just a false alarm, and I'm pretty sure there's a fix for it out there, but I don't have it yet. I told him it was just a false reading, and he kept his foot into the gas pedal.

Pretty amazing experience actually. He came away with a new respect for Cadillac, and he fully admitted that he'd had none before.

All in all, it was a good thing.......:thumbsup:
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My first run at the track was at Limerocok in the spring. I had a pro driver as my instructor. After my first 2 sessions he asked if he could take it around the track a few runs. I said sure. I was in the passenger seat and this guy was smooth as silk. He was smiling and was impressed with the car. He said leave this car alone. It's a perfect daily driver/ sport machine.
He drives a Nascar truck and also instructs for the BMW clubs.
So, yes, this car does surprise, and it's rare.
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