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Temperature problems

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Driving down the highway with the Temp guage reading 93 C, and the engine slows and says HOT COOLANT - IDLE ENGINE. Then today got the ENGINE OVERHEATING - STOP ENGINE. All with a temp of 93 C, which is a normal temp, I have seen it hit 107 C and nothing. lots of coolant in the tank, oil level is good, no leaks of anything. Maybe temp coolant sensor, but I had this in other cars and it made starting hard, flooding the engine cause it didn't know what the temp was, all buggared up. Anyone seen this before??

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Make sure your charging system is functioning properly and your battery is good. Alot of electrical bugaboos result from a poor charge level.

Outside of that, I would be very careful with driving the car under these conditions. You may be right and it may just be a bad sensor, but there could be problems with a coolant passage where the sensor is or something else that has the potential to cause damage.

You may want to try replacing the coolant temperature sensor, but if that doesnt work your looking at a more serious issue.
The weird thing about this is that the engine only slows slightly and then is fine again. It happened again yesterday and the temp was only 62 C. I'm so happy that I an buying a different car on Thursday, done with domestics. Over the past few years I have had to spend so much money on these things it makes me sick, so I am getting into something foreign, for mileage and reliability. I have enjoyed this car but I'm tired of sinking money into something that is of no value.

Thanks for your help
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