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Temperature gage

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My temperature gage when I start my car in the morning and the temp gage reads at the line in between the 160 and 210 and when it warms up it will sit at the line between 210 and 260 I turned on the heaters in the front and the back to try to take the heat off of the engine... Today turning on and off the engine the gage read almost back around to 100 but then after start and turning the car back on it went back to 160 after several times of turning the car back on and off.. Has anyone ever seen this??
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No it doesn't read all the way to the left, when I start it up it goes all the way left under the 160 mark and then rises to the 160, some times after I drive it the gage reads 210 it will stay there when I turn off the car and let it sit all night then same thing when I start it the needle goes down to the line in between 210 and 160 then goes back to 210 and while driving it it will get up close to 260...


Skier-24 said:
Does the needle go to the full left position when the engine is cold or the ignition is off? If not, it is the stepper motor. I just replaced all of mine. How much was the stepper motor??
What is the part number for that stepper motor? I will check eBay thanks!!
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