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OK, for the thinkers out there. The engine light on my 03 CTS 3.2 with 87K has just come on. The following 3 codes were detected:
1. P0153 (HO2S slow responce/circuit condition sen1) code displayed 2x's
2. P0161 (HO2S Heater preformance/condition sen2)
3. P0160 (HO2S Circuit insufficient activity sen 2)

I find it too much of a coinsidense that two sensors could go bad at the same time?

over the last two months I have intermitantly sensed a very faint burning plastic smell. quick visual inspection yeilded no obvious problems. I bring this up because i seem to remember someone commented that they had some sensor wires melt on a portion of the exhost system. If this seems a likely source please let me know where this/these wires might reside?!

Please.... any suggestions / comments / advice is appreciated!!
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