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tear on steering wheel

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a few weeks ago i acquired a small rip in my steering wheel just to the right side on the outside edge of the top (where i normally lay my hand while driving). ive been trying not to touch it and drive with my hands in other places but i guess ive subconsciously been grabbing the wheel there anyway and now its tearing a lot worse, about 2 days ago i noticed that theres a crack starting to take shape just to the left of the rip. so my question is, does anybody have any advice of something i can put on the tears to keep them from getting any worse? im planning on getting a woodgrain wheel eventually but its not at the top of my todo list for the car. sorry if the pictures are kinda blurry they were taken with my cell phone


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hard to tell from those crappy shots, but if the top layer of the leather is still attached and the tear is right unde the "flap" of skin, then a miniscule amount of krazy glue (or reasonable facsimile) should do the trick. put a small drop on the end of a pin or needle, smear it around on the underside of the torn "flap" and then hold down until it sets - about 30 seconds or so.

Just remember that in this case, less is definitely more.

If it sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb afterwards, you can follow-up with re-dyeing the steering wheel leather by getting a colour matched kit from

They have the BEST colour match of any of them that I've looked into. I bought a beige 2002 Eldorado wood/leather wheel for my '97 Deville and used one of their kits to re-dye it Dark Blue Montana to match my interior. It came out "ACES".
ok cool, im sure the krazy glue trick will work with the small rip but the large one is missing leather from it.
btw how much did the leather/wood wheel set ya back?
Frost is right , for small scrapes. Just a thought.....try your local Jaguar/Land Rover/Porsche dealer for leather repair stuff. Or use a search engine.......
lol submariner the town i live in isnt that big but ill check it out next time im in STL or KC
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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