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Sweet! American Muscle all the way baby!!!
I watched about the first half. What happened to the Lambo with the punks.
my bad...
Go to Youtube and search for "morgan bullrun" for her updates.
Lambo hit a racoon and it ****ed up shit. Also they were having clutch problems...
Photo of the Winners, yes Morgan is hott

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So I take it this is different from the Running of the Bulls in Spain ?

The F-150 would have won it if they would have won that challenge against the Olds. But either way I thought the show was kinda stupid. There wasn't any really reason to push the car if all you had to do was just win the challenge. The Olds just barely made it in the 3 hour time limit while the F-150 came in 2nd and it took them all of 46 minutes.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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