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I purchased a Escalade from this Dealership on 9/14/2005. They had me sign 1 Due Bill showing just 4 items needed for Escalade. They asked me to then go inspect the vehicle in which numerous items were hand written on a different Due Bill. I asked that they type it on my original Due Bill that I signed to, and they said "not to worry" they will take care of all the items on the "hand written" due bill, then proceeded to sign it as a good faith promise to repair or replace all items. Its now the 5th of October and I still have not received a appointment at the Dealership to fix ALL the items listed on "BOTH" due bills. I think this is very deceiving, and I would have never purchased this vehicle, knowing that they do business this way. I am a prominent Real Estate Broker in the area for over 20 years. I can't offer anything positive about Cadillac, or this Dealership to my clients, or any of my associates that I do business with. I also sit on many boards that serve the Public and I will make sure that my opinions are known about GM products and the experiences I have had. My wife and I own BMW, Mercedes and Ford Expedition. I would never consider a GM product again after my experiences with your Dealership...Randy Purpura ps Elaine in Customer Service at the Dealership is horrible to deal with and should "Not" be representing your Company..
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