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tc and abs light only go out in the cold!!

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i have a 96 eldo with 90k. earlier this month the tc and abs lights came on. i had a code tc26 i think it was. i replaced the left front wheel bearing twice(once with a gm part and once with a bca bearing) and the wiring harness going from the wheel sensor to the traction control computer. everything works fine if the the outside tempature is 40 or below!! anything above 40 and the tc and abs light comes on. anybody have any idea why the traction control works when its cold and not when the temps rise?
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DTC's for the 96 models are confusing. It was the time of the transition between OBD-I and OBD-II. So the 96 models have a mixed brew of OBD-I and OBD-II codes. This is why it is even more important for the people with the year 96 models to get the Helms (factory) service manuals, to help with deciphering the codes.

If it was the OBD-I version of the code it would be:

T026-----LF Wheel Speed Sensor Frequency Error

This looks to me like the code you're dealing with. Also after serching, I can't find an OBD-II version for this code (in that format), so it is probably the code you're dealing with.

The only things that come to my mind with this code are check the connections, and if they're good, replace the sensor/bearing.

I've heard a lot of bad reviews about aftermarket replacement parts that move. If they don't move then they're okay to buy, but if they move be prepared to replace them sooner than you would like.

Hope this helps.
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