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In need of a little assistance.
I’ve been having a problem with the taillights on my 1994 Cadillac Concours. I recently had to have the alternator on my car replaced due to worn bearings, it worked fine for a few weeks then a faulty idler pulley damaged the alternator again, luckily it was still under warranty. Shortly after that repair I began experiencing taillight problems. When I hit the brakes, use the turn signals, or turn the headlights on the taillights(left, right and high mount) don’t work and the information center dims. Also the fuel door button doesn’t work, and if the interior lights were turned on by using the interior switch (not when the doors open) AND the brakes were depressed the interior lights go off. Also the situation has changed, now some times all systems are fine, others times its like I described above. My local dealer attempted on 2 occasions to solve the problem, but it didn’t help they even had a gm electrical technician come out and check it over. I have to take it back for a full electrical diagnostic but this time its going to cost me something, I just wanted to know if anyone has some input or suggestions.
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