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1989 Fleetwood FWD / 2000 ETC / 2000 STS / 2006 STS V-8 1SF RWD
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I need to replace the Right Taillight Assembly on my 2000 STS.
I contacted GMPartsDirect and located an Assembly.

This is the reply I received from GMPartsDirect:
"16524767 is the drivers side tail lamp, and is the correct part number
per the VIN supplied."

I am confused that the reply listed the left tail lamp (since I need a right)
The part number from my hard copy of the Seville parts list is:
R/L 16524768-7 meaning R=16524768 and L=16524767

I'm also gonna call the dealer to verify.

Can anyone who has replaced their Taillight Assembly reply with their part number?


Oh...I was backing out of my driveway at 9 AM on a I really need to finish this story?
The car I hit was my neighbor's neice.
I told her to contact StateFarm and tell them what happened (both insured w/SF) but she insisted on calling the police (not always necessary). The cop explained that a ticket is "discretionary". I got a ticket for failure to yield.
Worse, the black cop asked me, a white guy who lives in a black neighborhood, "And what are YOU doing here?" I thought of several clever things to say, but decided it wasn't in my best interest!
When they both left, I was talking with my other neighbor who saw what happened and provided me with the MISSING LINK:
It seems that the lady I hit was also backing out of her Aunt's driveway at the same time! That explains why I didn't see her! She didn't offer this information when I was getting my ticket! I think the officer must have thought I just backed out in front of a car going 25 mph down my street! So I think I'm gonna dispute the ticket...doesn't hurt to try. Maybe I can prove that she rear-ended me and it's her fault!?!

She had a tattoo that read...
(are you ready for this?)


I have nothing more to

PS...the reason I posted was to get the correct part number for the taillight assembly, remember?
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