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Hello - I'm new the the forum, and proudly own a custom 06 STS-V (black with the red/black interior). I have a set (both left and right) of tail lights that I would like to offer to the forum for $250. I've upgraded mine to the euro-spec (clear) tail lights, and no longer have a use for those in the attachments below. They are tinted, but the red shows up just fine. Attached is a picture of the tail light ON in the DAYTIME (the tint isn't too dark - luckily).

The plastic casing is NOT tinted by a film, and thus cannot be reversed back to normal looking tail lights. There are no scratches or deformities, and will fit either an STS or STS-V. The job was quite simple, so should you have questions I'd be happy to explain how I removed mine, and installed my new ones.

Shoot me a message or an email at [email protected] if you're interested!
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