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This thread has been dead for 4 years.

The "AS-1" mark is the lower limit of the colored tint on a "tinted windshield". The UV layer can extend all the way to the cowl, but the tint fades to clear at the AS line, thus the "eyebrow" effect.

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Living in the desert, tint is for keeping the car cool, not looks . . . and as an attorney, I've never heard of a reasonably tinted car being cited.

Anyway, our CLC chapter went to a demo a couple of weeks ago at one of the top glass shops in town, which was replacing a windshield for a member. While they were they, they showed us a newish "tint" they have.

It is perfectly clear, but blocks 80% of heat.

It's also quite expensive--about $200 for a windshield.

I'm seriously considering coughing it up to protect the dashboard on my ETC. (Keep in mind that I live in an environment where tire tread life doesn't matter, as uv and dryrot finish off your sidewalls long before it's an issue. Very rough on paint and interiors, too).

41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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