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Switching DRL's to fog lights from headlamps

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I have a 1993 eldorado... I personally don't mind DRL's, maybe because I'm Canadian and every car has'em anyways, but I hate how it's the headlamps that stay on, not the fog lights, and that you have to manually turn the fog lights on when you get in the car. I think the cars look much nicer with the fogs on.. but even better with the fogs on WITHOUT the headlamps on.

Anyways, I'm going to pore over the schematics and see if I can splice the DRL's from the headlamps over to the fogs, so they stay on all the time, and the headlamps DON'T. Looks very nice in my opinion.

Wish me luck... anyone tried it? Shouldn't be difficult, even if I have to throw a pair of relays in. The key is leaving the full functionality of the headlights....
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Jim, my '01 STS already keeps the low beams on with the high beams. I believe this was this way from the factory. Or did someone modify that? The only lights that go out with the high beams are the fog lights (which should be the case anyway).

I'm also interested in the turn signal chevron mirrors for the Seville. Does the Seville and DeVille use the same mirror size -- because I know the DeVilles had them after 2004. How hard was that to splice in on your '98?
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