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Switch OFF, wipers ON...

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I'm working on an '08 CTS. The wipers and window washer come on intermittently even though the switch is off. Testing I found a square wave signal on the wire from the washer push button switch to the body control module. All of the other parts of the circuit (low, intermittent, high) are pull-down circuits and therefore have the typical system voltage at rest. When a switch is activated, the voltage is pulled to ground.
Has anybody ever seen this square wave?
BTW, all normal functions work (mist, low, intermittent, high)... when it's not acting up.
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I had this problem on my Chevy Suburban, the wipers would not shut off, the circuit boards used to control the wipers fail quite frequently due to a manufacturing issue. I bought a new circuit board for $110 from the Chevy dealer and problem solved. The circuit board was located right on top of the motor assembly. My guess is GM used common or similar parts for things like wipers etc. I would change out the circuit board.
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