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swirls on pearl white paint

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How important is it to go thru the process of polishing off fine swirls before waxing a pearl white Caddy? I can see how it would be a must on black paint but does it matter as much on white considering I have to look real hard to notice the swirls? Is it worth the extra step or should I just wash and wax?
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:stirpot: My STS is Crimson Pearl, and I had the same idea as you.....wash it. But then I spent a load of bucks at , did the wash, clay, machine swirl polish, wax ordeal, and the difference in the paint and depth of shine is VERY obvious. A good detail job on white diamond or pearl is just plain awesome.
Is it worth it? Yes.

Will anyone notice? YOU will!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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