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Sway Bar Rattle Over Bumps

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I've got a rattle noise coming from the front of my '97 Eldorado. It sounds like it's low near the floor, and in the center of the car. It happens when I'm driving from 10-40MPH over bumps in the road.

I've replaced both upper strut mounts as per TSB 53-33-04B, "Rattle/Loose Lumber Noise when Driving Over Bumps" as well as both sway bar links, as they were shot.

I drove the car with both of the links off when I was waiting for the new links to be delivered, and the noise went away completely. When I installed the new links, the noise came back.

One link (Raybestos "Service Grade" Link) was defective as there was too much play in one of the ball joints. A replacement Raybestos "Professional Grade" link (much thicker, heavier duty, with grease fittings and larger ball joints) was sent as a replacement.

Removing the links determined that the problem is not engine mount related, so the only other thing I can think of is the sway bar bushings... Should I try to replace the other "Service Grade" link with a "Professional Grade" one to be sure it's not just another bad link?

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97 and 98 sevilles are not the same. I belive Eldo's are like 97 sevilles? The sway bar bushings on a 98 seville are easier to get at. FSM says to simply remove the 4 bolts holding the bushing cover to the frame. But how do you do that when the bolts are 4 inches long and there is only a 1.5 inch gap between the top of the frame and the floor of the car?

Been there(here) done that(this)

If the Eldo is like my 97 STS, you need to lower the cradle. Remove the 4 rear bolts completly, you can loosen the 2 fronts say half way. Use a jack to lower the rear a few inches. Once the rear bolts are out and a gap is made by lowering the cradle, its easy to get a ratchet in there. You will have each side done in minutes.

I have a thread on this somewhere, ill search around....

My old AND new bushings had cuts in them so you can spread them apart. They are not easy to slide off the ends of the sway bar. ***the bar is smaller diameter at the bushings than the ends/middle are***.

I measured my bar with a normal wrench, just grab a few and find the closest fit. Wrench size = bar size. But i dont know if they go by the narrow size or the thick size of the bar?

I ended up buying a smaller size and had a machine shop slow-dril the centers of the bushings out, made them a perfect fit.

And yes, i had this same noise, it goesr away when you take the end links off. The noise was totaly gone after replacing the bushings.
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