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Swapping trunk lock covers?

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I know there's a couple of threads kind of talking about how to switch one trunk lock cover/emblem for another of the same, but I have another question.

After seeing the circular "Cadillac Motor Car Division One" that SSStealth put on his '94 Fleetwood, I wanted one:

Thanks to Ebay, found one in great shape and picked it up fairly cheaply, but now I'm starting to wonder what all would have to be done to switch from the factory wreath and crest one to this one. I've looked, but couldn't find anywhere where SSStealth detailed what he had to do to make the swap.

Any ideas? This one has two perfect plastic prongs on the back, but I'm not sure whether that will match what's on the trunk lid now or not.
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If itis like my 91 Bonnville, drill out 2 rivets and pop rivet it back in.

If not, stop by a body shop and ask them, likely they would do it for a low cost.
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