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I remember an article in gm hightech perf mag a while back about a catera with an ls6 swap done by Lingenfelter, complete with t56 trans. I have the mag at home, but couldn't find the link on its website. From what I remember, they said the motor and trans made it in fine, but the headers were a nightmare to fabricate, due to the fact that the US spec Cateras are about 2 inches narrower in the front than Aus Commodores. Later the ownder decided to upgrade the ls6 to 427 package, as if it weren't enough already :worship: They also menitoned that wiring was hell, as well as making all the gauges work properly and stuff. So I guess ls1/ls6 swap can be done, although with some inevitable headaches; I say contact Lingenfelter for more info.

Also, I'll bet Northstar swap will be more difficult, due to its DOHC heads (the narrow front body work may not accomodate the larger exterior dimension of the Northstar compared to ls1/ls6). Like others have said, the trans issue would remain, as well as motor mounts, etc. I say keep pushing for ls1/ls6 conversion.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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