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I just wanted to give some Tranny info for you. A C5 Vette trans deff will not work, but a C4 will. To save yourself time and money a 4th Gen Camaro's 6 speed is the same t-56. A S-10 5 speed is not the same T-5 as a Camaros, they have different input shaft splines and arn't interchangable without changing that Shaft. For the motor I agree the Northstar should be an easier swap, considering the electronics are the same. But if you deside to go with the LT1 or LS1 instead, Go with a Camaro's drivetrain and if you need info you can Email me [email protected]. I wish I could help you more with the swap but I might be at least be able to help you sort out electronics.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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