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I posted this in the suspension forum, but there doesn't seem to be as much activity there as here, so i'm repeating myself. Hope this isn't frowned upon!

I have a 97 Seville STS with two broken linkage rods. These rods have female coupler ends that snap over balls located on a sensor and on a lower arm of the suspension. They measure apprx 6" from end to end.

These exist at all 4 wheels, but only the front 2 rods are broken (plastic couplers have deteriorated). Has anyone else with "check suspension" fault codes discovered these parts to be broken as well, and did a repair of this solve your suspension problems? Wouldn't it be nice to fix the big bounce problem with a couple of simple connectors, rather than replace the struts? Hey, we can dream, right? :)

Can anyone supply me with a p/n so I can run these parts down? Much thanks!

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