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So over the past week I have been working on replacing my stock 68k miles shocks. I had a new set of FG2s sitting around so I decided to go with these. The overall install went pretty good, but I did notice a few things that did alarm me.

I have been trying to track down a frontend clunk for a while. I replaced my sway bar end links over the winter, that didn’t seem to solve anything. While I was in there I notice that my RF shock was a little wet. This was my reason for replacing the shocks.

While doing the job I notice the old lower spring mounts were completely worn out. Putting the new mounts and shocks on the front actually raised the frontend up a little! I guess over time it will settle a little but, I doubt the car height will be as low as it was before the swap. The upper bolts on the rear both right and left were loose. You do have to remove the battery to replace the right front shock. A decent size prybar is helpful when installing the front modules, the upper control arm is pretty tight and likes to spring to the up position.

As for alignment, I recently had this done and I really can’t see what I I replaced having any change on alignment. I am however going to have it checked! I will report back if any adjustments had to be made.
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