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Surge Tank

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Does anyone know what size the purge line is at the top of the surge tank? For some reason 3/4" sticks in my head.
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The rubber hose is 1/2" OD.
:thehand: 3/4" is way too big, either ID or OD. Looks like 5/16 or 3/8 ID. If you need to replace it, either get the preformed piece from a Cad dealer or a BIG parts house, or online it from GMPartsDirect or GMotors, Rock Auto, or some such. If you need to do it NOW, pinch the hose shut close to each end with vise grips or c-clamps. With the engine cold, cut out a chunk near the surge tank (high point). Go to your local parts house, measure, and pick up a foot and a half or so of same size reinforced water hose. Do a quick clamp/hose swap at the water bypass neck, eyeball the hose run, cut it and do the same at the surge tank nipple. As the engine heats, the purge/surge line will do its thing.
Thanks, guys! Wow, I can't believe that my supporter status has already expired! Time sure flies.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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