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To All Members:

I am offering a group buy on our initial order of
Silicone Radiator Hose kits. The retail pricing on
our website ( is 334.25 per kit.

check out pictures here:

$300.00 including shipping in Lower 48's

This Kit Includes:

8 High quality silicone hoses that replace your factory
black radiator hoses
16 ABA hose clamps
UPS ground shipping within the lower 48's

About the Hoses

Direct replacement silicone hoses are available in
seven striking colors
Race proven technology the finest coolant silicone
hoses that are designed to perform under pressure.
GM Part numbers stamped into each hose.

About the Clamps

Slotted 7mm hexagon headed screws
Rolled band edges prevent cutting the hose
Pressed worm housing increases clamp strength by 30%

About your purchase of a Silicone Radiator Hose kit

Your vehicle will not run cooler, but it will
certainly look cooler

Paypal email address is "[email protected]"

I am looking for anyone with an Escalade 6.0L in the greater San Francisco Bay area that I will offer an excellent deal. We need some photos!!

If you are interested in this product and would like to offer it to your clients, please contact us via IM or off of the website.

Thanks guys & gals
Dave Smigielski
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