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Volant, VMAX, RX catch can, tranny cooler... RIP
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No. Not a top-mount one at least. I believe RX Performance has a front mount, pro-charger type unit set up for the LLT... but everything should bolt up the same to the LY7.
RX also makes a twin turbo set-up for the LFX Camaro that could probably be made to work with the LY7 with a little work.
There are turbo kits for the CTS-V that mount the turbos in the back, in place of the mufflers, and pipe everything up front to the intake, all you would have to do is change the intake end so it mates your engine up front (and install a CTS-V exhaust, which you should do anyways). And probably use smaller turbos... these kits are made for a six liter V8!
You will need, or should heavily consider, MACE Engineering cams and connecting rods, and RX Performance pistons. These parts have all been redesigned to be stronger to handle boost. The LY7 is built like a tank, but when you start cramming 20+psi into it, anything not designed for that is bound to fail.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts