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A question for those of you that have a sunroof on your STS. When you open, does it stop almost fully open and then you have to push button again to fully open? Is that normal operation? I tried looking in owner's manual, but did not find the reason for having the first stop. Thanks for your help!
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It must be normal. Both of my STSs did it.
yeah, it's normal. it's called a comfort stop because i think if you open it all the way there will be more wind noise. my CTS does that too.
I don't mean to show my ignorance, but I'll have to try this... I've always only pushed the button 1 time, and where it stopped, is where it stopped.
What you're telling me is when I push the button a 2nd time, the window will go back even further?
I gotta check it out.
Cts did that till hillbilly dealer in Middletown Ohio worked on it. Then it would open all the way but if you operated the driver's seat control it would cause the moonroof to close. Tried to tell me cad has some issues with moonroofs. Just glad it did not open every time seat was adjusted.
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