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Here is what I know. All 4 sunroof drains are clear and the sunroof glass is correctly adjusted. Sometimes after it rains, the inside of both B-pillars gets some wet spots at the top (where the trim meets the headliner) and at the bottom. The car is parked uphill in a driveway. The CTS must be pulled between 2 cars, and it is much easier to pull in than back in. Since the nose of the car is at a higher elevation, the front drains don't really see any action. My problem is that the few drops that make it past the front of the sunroof seal, drip down into the front channel, pick a side, and try to work their way back to the rear drain. When you look at the channels in the front of the sunroof just slightly rear of where the front slides begin, you can see where there is an interface of two different materials (I think plastic and steel), The water must fill up a little area (or step where the material meets) then the overflow can work its way to the rear drain. Right at this step (material interface) a small puddle forms perhaps 1/8" deep and tapers to zero about an inch toward the front. When I pull the headliner back I can see where drops slowly form perhaps through capillary action of the small seam. I want to seal this seam from the top and I'm looking for some feedback/recommendations of what you think is the best way to proceed after the area is fully dried out:

Option 1 - Use a thin flexible curing glue and pour it in the area and let the glue wick into the seam to seal it. I don't know of a thin glue that I could use.

Option 2 - Start with option 1, then use marine goop and try to futher seal the joint.

Assume I can seal this interface completely, is there any concern with a small pulled of water sitting there until the car is moved (just a couple times per week).
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