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sunroof problem

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Someone tried to pry open the sunroof on my 94 Cadillac STS. It is now cocked open about 2 inches at the back where they pried and it moves very little when I try to operate it. My battery seems to have a habit of running down now and then so I have to charge it to start. I suspect the roof problem may have something to do with it but I am not sure. I also seem to hear a clicking from the roof at unpredictable times. The sunroof is an aftermarket addition by Webasto. I called their 800 number to try to find out which fuse they might have used when the roof was installed. I thought I would pull the fuse to see if the clicking stopped and whether a current drain because of the roof problem could be stopped by pulling the fuse. I also thought I could get some advice on whether I could do something myself to try to get the roof back in place and perhaps cure the problem. Unfortunately, Webasto had no useable information to offer on either subject.

I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me. Thank you very much.
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Well, I am not sure if I can be of much help or not, but here goes... I bought a 2001 Seville "Certified" (for all the good it did me)... Turns out my sunroof was aftermarket (Webasto-Solaire) and no one at the Cadillac dealership bothered to disclaim this little tidbit of info... Well, it was occassionally refusing to close a few months ago, Cadillac refused to fix it because it was an aftermarket part, I filed a small claims suit, long story short, they still couldn't (or wouldn't) fix it, but ended up paying to have it fixed. I did learn that the brain of the unit can be in one of two places... behind the sunroof (most) or above the driver's side sunvisor (mine)... either way it is under the headliner... Thus, since the brain and motor are both located under headliner, odds are the fuse will be under the headliner. Some installers put access panels in the headliner to allow work on sunroof components w/out dropping the headliner. If yours has no access panel, have run out of leads, and have a couple of hours on your hands, I would recommend dropping the headliner, finding the fuse (or disconnecting it) and checking to see if your battery will hold a charge.
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