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Sunroof leaks, adjustment?

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My sunroof leaks. It doesn't come up high enough. I have the screws adjusted to their maximum height.

Are there any other adjustments possible? Otherwise I will enlarge the screw slots so that the adjustment range is greater.
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gaskets? drains? what have you tried brother?
It leaks by the top side of the driver A pillar after a rain

Every other DTS sunroof picture I can find has the sunroof flush, while mine is sunken, despite the screws holding the sunroof at its highest possible adjustment
sounds to me ( non expert) like a sun roof drain issue, i would pop the headliner and a pillar cover and check it out.... headliner will be a PITA... they could be plugged, and you need to snake a long piece of weed Wacker cable down them but only the kind that looks like a X from end on) sand off any sharp edges, and snake it down while twisting gently - use a hose on a light trickle for lube, and try and clean the blockage ( compressed air has been use sometimes- but it can blow apart fittings......may the force be with you....
Trip may be correct about the drain being stopped up but you are right, the glass should be flush with the roof all around. Your dipping corner indicates that the glass may be slightly off center. There should be a place or places where you can adjust how the glass fits in the carrier. I do not know where or how. I would look at the back edge of the glass panel.

Have you made sure the seals are properly lubricated and seated properly?

I have always contended that if the glass closes properly and the seals are in good working order then a sunroof such as in our DTS should not leak. Once you get the glass to close correctly you may find that the seal is deformed from continuous incorrect pressure. Best wishes.
Open the sunroof and pour some water by the corners, check if the water drains out

I had to use a can of compressed air by the drain in the wheel well to drain mine

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The sunroof side rail adjustment screws allow for more adjustment than that shown. Something is incorrect in the OP's car.

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It opens and closes OK, without obvious interference or resistance. I did have to replace the motor when I got the car because it the stop mechanism wasn't working- it would tilt open, but not slide, it'd just buzz.

I'll pour some water for a drainage check
Mine clogged at the very end of the drain tube, behind the front wheelwell liner. Trying to push a weedeater line from above didn't work as it caught halfway, but it did the job easily from below. Not difficult to detach part of the liner.

My glass fits badly all around regardless of position, partly because the sheet metal bulges up in the center of the car while the glass is flat. Since my paint is black, I used two layers of electrician's tape around the opening to get it closer to the gasket on the glass, but I still have a little wind noise when the shade is open.
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My drain tube cracked , dumping any water into the floorboard
ive plugged the drain
bad idea
If he can't fix the tube, it's better to keep water out of it entirely than let it drip into his dash or floorboards. I'd stay out of car washes and downpours, however.
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Considering my teenage drive is driving it and has been in 2 accidents so far
and it needs a $1500 power steering pump repair as the boot is leaking (my mechanic said the car isn’t worth the repair)

I’m not too worried about a patch job on one of the sun roof drains
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Remove please
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