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The protective system for the sunroof is based upon total current draw of the motor so all of the various mechanical resistances in sum are what will trip the safety as current draw increases with increasing mechanical resistance and once the trip point is exceeded the motor will stop and then reverse. Holding the wind screen down overcomes part of the total resistance allowing the sunroof to work BUT the windscreen may not be the actual root cause.

Make sure that the track and seals are clean and the seals need to be treated with a LIGHT coating of silicone grease. I use grease in a can, if you use the spray stuff then apply it to a cloth and then to the weather stripping to avoid a mess but the solid stuff in a can or tube is a better solution. A little goes a LONG way so don't overdo it. With age, you may need to clean the original grease (with its now embedded grit) from the tracks and then apply new grease. WD-40 is a safe grease cutter but it is flammable. Use sparingly and remove residue with a dry cloth and give it an hour or so for the light distillates in WD-40 to evaporate before applying new track lubricant.

Manual mode overrides the safety stop/reverse over-current trip sensing system, just hold the switch at the FIRST detent until it closes. Be careful using the override function because if there is an obstruction on the track you can damage the drive mechanism. It won't hurt it to use it for overriding nuisance reversals due to slightly increased sliding resistance but inspect before using the override.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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