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Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit

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So I went to Summit Point, WV today with my new camera/sticky pod mount. I was a little too scared to put the camera on the outside, so I followed someone on the forums advice and stuck it to the sunroof inside (works well, but the video is inverted). I'll upload as soon as I can get it off the camera, I cant find my iLink cable.

Overall Impressions:
This course is NOT meant for horsepower. Nowhere near as fast as VIR, but its very technical and has lots of places to learn how to steer with the throttle, also some very unforgiving run-off areas (concrete walls).

I was a little nervous so I ran in Comp Mode for the first session, I had just gotten there today, so everyone else had a day or so more experience on the course.

I also got a chance to get on the skid pad today, leaving it in 3rd was perfect and allowed me to slide the car pretty well, I'm still learning, but I think I made a lot of progress this weekend. I'll be out there again tomorrow. I'm sure the track will be empty =)

Next stop VIR August 5-6
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Glad you got out there. This car is made for the track. I can't wait for the video.
I did the same with that damn sticky pod but don't know how to invert the picture - I'm looking at new camera options with better mounts. Vivid racing has a few...

I live just a couple miles from the track. When I got off work yesterday morning I could hear what sounded like real horsepower being laid down. Most of the time its bikes and porsches and it just sounds like bees. Have fun tomorrow Summit is always a blast. Even BMW tests their factory cars there.
Oh heres a cool video on Youtube of a V at Summit Point. Well worth checking out.
I just heard about this today. Formula D round 3 is next weekend at Summit Point tickets are only 20 bucks.
I've only tracked my car at VIR. It's nice, while the speeds are high, the pucker factor seems to be fairly low. Unless you do something fairly dumb, or are unlucky, you aren't going to mash yourself or your car, due to the fairly gerorous runoff areas.

I went up to Summit about a month ago, with family and friends to watch a motorcycle race. We camped out, and after the day's racing is done, they let you walk the course. Kids can ride their bikes (my boys loved that). Summit Main has less margin for error, than VIR appears to have (again I haven't driven there).

On the second day at Summit, we went over to check out some car road racing going on at the Shenandoah course. All I can say is WOW. That course is appeared incredbily technical. The margin for error over there seems to be nil. it looked like nothing but asphault and jersey walls. I don't think I'd be too keen taking a 'nice' car to that track. Perhaps a 5k beater racer.

Looking forward to seeing your video. Also looking forward to Jun 16/17 @ VIR with mazda drivers (grand course 4+ miles!)

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