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I am a happy owner (for the most part) of a 2006 STS (V-8). There is a lot to like about the STS. I love the heads up display and the adaptive cruise control. The stereo is wonderful and the navigation system is the best I've seen (why isn't this navigation used in all Cadillacs?). The keyless entry and remote start are great. The magnetic ride control is a good balance of sportiness and a smooth ride. I love the heated and cooled seats. I would like to make some suggestions for improvements. I offer these as suggestions to make a great car even better.

(1) There must be a better way to put in the radar for the adaptive cruise control than a big, round plastic Cadillac crest (i.e. the XLR). I also dislike the big plastic grill, which I have changed to a wire mesh grill similar to the STS-V. I understand the grill is changing for 2008.

(2) What happened to the cornering lights? Every Cadillac I've owned since 1976 models has had this and I've always liked this feature.

(3) The rear seat needs more leg room.

(4) The glove compartment is too small.

(5) The bluetooth does not interface well with my cell phone. I have tried several others, but problems (different with each phone) seem to still exist. I have worked with the dealership and with the 800 number on this several times, but to no avail.

(6) Some voice commands should be simplified, such as not having to say "navigation" prior to every command for the navigation system.

(7) What happened to the automatic parking brake release? Every Cadillac I've owned prior to 2005 had this feature.

(8) What happened to the automatic trunk pull-down? My 1976 Eldorado has this. Mercedes now has a pull-down that will close the trunk quickly from a fully open position.

Keep up the good work, and please make the DTS a rear wheel drive again.

Best regards,


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I too am an owner of a 2006 and agree with your recommendations, I also have a 1998 with the cornering lamps and the automatic parking brake release, and yes it is a feature I really like. What I haven't investigated is the "Blue Tooth" connection, when I change my Cell phone to a Motorola Unit, next month, I'll investigate it.

I have posted on another thread, and it appears some of the changes made to the 2008 STS, are actually increasing it's sales, stay tuned...there may be yet hope!

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Legroom is my biggest concern. Since when do Cadillacs lack legroom? It's ridiculous... The automatic parking brake release and cornering lights should have never gone anywhere either...

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Sir, I just bought a brand new 2008 Cadillac STS in September from Dimmitt Cadillac in Clearwater Florida.
I am very happy with it, except I committed an error and would like your advice on how to correct it.

I like the feature in the car where you shut the engine, leave the car with the transceiver keys in my pocket, then walk away a few steps, hear the "Horn" once, and the car doors "All lock".

Two weeks ago I went shopping and left the car running (the engine is so quiet I never heard it running)
I closed the doors and when I got bak 20 minutes later, the car was still running and the doors were all open.

Once home I tested the car again to be sure and, found out that "unlike when I shut the engine", the car does "Not" honk once, and the doors do not lock?

I brought this problem to the Service Manager where I bought the car and was told nothing can be done, to use the keys and lock the car.

With the transceiver in your pocket you don't use the keys.
This to me seems an easy solution but, the problem is still there.

Forget to shut the engine and the car is running with the doors open for anyone around to take it away.

Why can't there be an "alarm warning sound" to let us know the car is running and the doors are not locked when you walk away more then 10 ft. so one can walk back and shut the engine?

I am sure GM engineers can come up with a solution.

All I know is, if it happened once to me and (who knows to how many others), it will happen again.

My suggestion to GM engineers is:

When leaving the car running add an alarm and if not back in 5 minutes shut the engine and lock the doors.


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