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Suggested Feautres and Improvements for Next Gen CTS

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After taking a poll on the CTS board, here are some suggestions for the 2nd Gen CTS:

Suggested Standard Features

17" wheels
6 disc CD changer
6-speed auto
Aluminum or wood trim (vs. plain only)
Amp gauge
Auto for the V
Auto up rear windows
Auto-dim side rear view mirrors
Blue tooth
Chrome exhaust tips
Clear turn signals in mirror
Convertible version
Cooled seats
Coupe version
Diesel version
DVD/NAV standard on all luxury/sport versions
Factory tint on windows similar to SUV / minivans
Hand parking brake
Headlamps that turn off while waiting in car on aux power ("Smarter" feature)
Heads-up display (HUD)
Heated seats
HID headlamps
LED taillights
Lighted engine compartment
Lighted glove compartment
Locking fuel door w/ interior release
Memory driver seat and mirrors
Nav system that shut off completely (if installed)
Night vision
Paddle shifters
Parking brake that releases when shifting out of PARK
Passenger seat memory
Power passenger seat
Projector hi-beams and fogs
Push button start
Reading lamps for rear passengers (operated by rear pass)
Satellite radio & MP3 CD
Telescopic steering wheel
Touch screen nav
Trunk lid that opens when unlocked
USB port input on radio for IPOD connection
Volt meter and oil pressure gauges

Suggested Improvements

Better trunk lighting
Easier to read display in daytime
Higher quality interior materials
Less rattles
More discrete air vents
More power
More storage space
Quicker rear view mirror dimming feature
Richer dash
Smaller steering wheel
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I do not agree on:
- the Amp gauge (the DIC is sufficient. It's a luxury car, not a ricer)
- the hand parking brake (i like the free space in the mid console, why would you need it there?)
- memory drivers seat and mirrors is already installed (at least in my 03), as well as power passenger seat

I agree with most of the rest.

In addition:

- More power would mean: better efficiency out of the engine. I think more power can be squeezed out of the engine with todays technologies! For example, BMW has a 30% better efficiency on their engines than GM!
- window whipers that hide under the hood edge (like my 70 eldorado)

tip on the rear view mirror dimming: remove the middle head rest (when you don't need it), so the light hits the light sensor better! That way it dims quicker!
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I too, don't agree on the amp gauge. That would be useless and clutter the dash. I don't want a hand parking brake taking up valuable console space. Foot one is just fine.

I have heated seats, Homelink, memory drivers seat and mirrors, power passenger seat. I have no rattles in my car and the steering wheel size is fine. I really think the daytime vision of the dash is fine.

Night vision, maybe, HUD certainly, convertible would be cool. AWD would be great! Underhood light should be there now. Pushbutton strart would be nice.

I have driven BMWs with paddle shifters and I think paddle shifters are ridiculous. Not a fan of diesels either.

Don't need a light in the glovebox unless the glovebox was bigger.

Other things on the l generally agree with.
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At least one more power accessory port in the cockpit, possibly the right side of center console under dash. One just doesn't cut it in todays accessory world.
an Ls7 ! :)
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