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2006 STS V8 1SF RWD
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Just wanted to shy away from the negative here and post something positive - Had a terrible misfire manifest itself Friday evening and tore into her yesterday afternoon. Scanned the DTC's to find cyl. 8 misfiring and knew the plugs were due so started there. I will tell you this was the easiest spark plug job I've ever done, literally took all of 30 minutes...maybe.

Remove engine cover, remove rubber valve cover thingamajigs, remove coils, out come the plugs - Surprised to see there was little to no obstructions hindering the process. Had a little bit of oil on a few of the plugs but nothing major or unexpected from a 9 year old car with 145k on her.

Got the new plugs in (reluctantly put in Autolite double platinums as NO ONE had the ACDelco ones in stock near me) and she was still missing on cyl. 8, man she was shaking something fierce.

So, call up the parts store and bite the bullet on a $60 ignition coil - swap that out in 5 minutes and VROOM VROOM! The beast is alive and silky smooth.

Definitely a certain amount of gratification from fixing something yourself. :thumbsup:
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