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I have two jobs, a part-time job for some cleaning company, and my own cleaning gig (during the summer months, I rake in the dough!). I make decent money for the most part, even though I don't like what I do. That's why I am going to school; to find something I can live with...

But sometimes when you have a job that includes dealing with people in public (cleaning has some public dealings with it), you sometimes run into really stupid people, or at least stupid questions or comments.

So, for my cleaning job with the other company, I am what you call a floor-tech. I strip, wax, and scrub floors. It is quite often that when I'm on the job, I will have to use water to scrub floors in a restroom for instance...

So here I was two days ago taking a scrubbing machine to a dirty public restroom floor. I had to use water with a chemical that will soak into the grout on the floor and break up any dirt and grime that was present, then I would use the machine to get the residue up.

To do this in a public restroom, you have to put up two signs: a "closed" sign so nobody enters the restroom while I'm scrubbing the floor and a "wet-floor" sign so that when I'm through, potential restroom canidates know the dangers of falling.

So here I am, knee deep into a very wet floor with a 300 RPM scrubbing machine going full-blast to get the floor clean when some guy just walks in...He stops in the middle of the wet floor and asks: "is the floor wet"? I was dumbfounded...He then asked if he could use the restroom...I had to break it to him that the restroom was closed for at least 30 minutes.
He walked away somewhat annoyed, but geezus, that was perhaps the cake of dumbass questions that I've ever heard...

So this whole story leads me to a question for you folks: what is the dumbest question anyone has ever asked you? Please give a situation that would warrant the question to be that stupid...:D

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Elvis said:
Tire go flat?

Nope, I was just driving along and the other three just SWELLED UP on me!
Hey, it's only flat on the bottom..... :yup:

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I got another tire related one. The car was on the lift while I was taking the lugs off, then the owner asked, "You gonna take the tires off?" ... I was like What??? :hmm: Nah, I just like to prank people by unbolting their wheels...

Then another one was a guy who came in and leaned on a "NO PUBLIC RESTROOM" sign, and asks, "Ya guys got a restroom here we can use?"... maybe he was trying to cover up the "NO" part of the sign, but I'm not sure... lol

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Once at McDonald's I ordered just a Coke and the girl at the counter asked,
"Is that to go?"

I realize that they are trained to ask, but it's a freakin' Coke!
What was she gonna do...put it in a bag?

I should have said yes just to see what she would do.

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I am prejudiced... against dumb people.

Once I tore a candy wrapper open
with my teeth. There was this
'Rocket Scientist' beside me, who
was rather atonished by this
unspectacular feat. I said: What
are you lookin' at? He replied: "Wow!
you like tore that with your teeth;
what do you do brush your teeth
everyday or something?"

There was another guy, who although
did not ask a stupid question, had a
very messed up perception when it
came to avoiding nasty diseases. I was
much younger then, and was in a seedy
strip joint with the Boyz. Some of the dirtier
dancers were obviously doing tricks upstairs.
I am and have always been totally paranoid
when it comes to STD's and the like.
I noticed that this guy at the next table
had been gone twice, and was bragging
about his exploits subsequent to his returns.
I told him that the girls were dirty HO's ;and,
that he was going to get a dose of one kind
or another. That dumb ass looked at me,
and in all seriousness told me that he was
not worried at all. This particular 'Brain Surgeon'
advised that it was OK; since, the girls squirted
lemon juice on their privates, and that killed
I wonder if that Dumb Dude is still around; and, if he
is, whether his manhood has fallen off yet.:eek:

Best Regards,


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Not really a question, but a stupid remark...

Just last night I was invited by my next door neighbour to get a drink in a club downtown with her colleagues. Finally after 1/2 hour I found the place, because she told me it was quite a walk from the metro station. It turned out to be just around the corner.

Anyway, I got in and she asked me if she could take my jacket to the wardrobe. I said I would put it with the rest of the jackets near the table, because I had all kinda stuff in my pockets, like my wallet and cell phones. And she said "But it's illegal over here to steal from your pockets!"... duh!

(yes, she is blond:))

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LOL, that reminds me of the Bill Engval comedy routine "theres your sign"

Well the dumbest thing that comes to mind was this woman the supermarket checkout counter.

She needed to see my license to verify my age (I don't look very young so this is rare) no biggie, I had it over.

She types number sinto the machine, BEEP: No Sale

She furiously types it in again, BEEP: No Sale

She hands it back and says, sorry I can;t sell to minors.

I assure her to try it again because I am stopped being a minot over 10 years ago.

Now shes giving me attitudes, she types the dates xx-xx-08. (the idiot is typing in my license expiration date!)

I kindly try to tell her, but she interrups me with SERIOUS attitude "Look! I can'tl sell it to you!! The computer says no!!"

Well, I was ready to be really pissed but was surprised to find myself in disbelief and shock. I stepped back took a breath and decided to take a good look at this specimen of a 'tard.

I just turned around and asked the cashier behind me "please help her out", and that was that.

She never apologized or anything.

In case you;re wondering, she was late 30's......soo sad.

2013 Mercedes ML350 4matic. 2003 Mercedes E55 AMG. 2003 Mazda 6s. 1991 Cadillac Seville.
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After my days in the Army I was a furniture salesman. I didn't sell fancy, expensive shit, but more on the lines of trailer trash crap. Like something you would find on Rent-a-Center, only it wasn't at any Rent-a-Center.

So I was working one day, doing the normal selling and going through sales recipts and such when I get a call from a customer. This customer (woman in her 40's as it sounded) had a series of questions that were in regards to our return policy at the store...

So she asked the question: "what is your return policy"? In which I replied: "90 days for undamaged furniture, 2 weeks for factory defects in the furniture."

She then says: "I've had my sofa for over a year, can I return it"? In which I then replied: "no ma'am, you're well over the return policy dates."

She then replies: "okay, how about if I bring the sofa in and exchange it for another sofa"? In which I replied: "no ma'am, you cannot exchange something after that period of time."

She then asks me why she cannot do such an exchange!!! So I simply explained to her that we were not interested in exchanging a new sofa for a sofa that is over a year used and old, as well as re-explaining the terms of our return policy. Hell, I'm not even sure I want to see why someone would have the need to exchange a sofa like that...If you get the picture...She finally hung up her end of the phone and I went about my day.

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In 2001 I was in rural Michigan and a lady approached me in a parking lot
after she noticed the Georgia tag on my car and said,

"I was just there and your ******** are SO nice"

to which I replied,

"Gee, thanks! I use CHEER!"

...makes you wonder
(here's your sign!)

1989 Sedan DeVille is now just a fond memory ....
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"I use Cheer." :histeric:

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Yes, the ******** are nice in Georgia. They have a nice variety down there. Using CHEER and cold water will make them keep their color longer. :histeric: Nice one EL Dawg

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My old office was a single room. My manager was a PITA to be conservative, he was also thick as shit, and made no attempt to hide it.
OK, my old office (REALLY rough paint plan.)

He came into my office LOOKED AROUND and then asked if my assistant was in here, you would belive the amount of people who do this!
I mean, it was a square, sparsely furnished office, with a single balcony he looked onto before he walked into the room.
He had sen that iw as the onl yperson in the room, and he looked onto my balcony before he came in!
It doesnt seem that big a problem, but he could clearly see that she wasnt there.
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