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stumped...again overheating....

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im here again thanks to all that can help me on this one...2001 deville that sometimes wants to overheat a couple of weeks ago i did alot of work to this car new radiator fan motors thermostat and still was running a little hot. clear purge lines and still over heating i changed radiator cap and that seemed like that cured my running hot issue....then a couple days ago its started doing it again running hot and just like before turn on heater and goes back to normal temp and i can drive anywhere with heater are turning air bubbles in antifreeze res...its holding pressure...i know it started to leak some coolant from intake crossover housing but it was running fine just makeing sure that it has coolant everything was okay....then it stopped leaking from crossover intake i was surprised...i did overfill coolant resorvoir a little oover where it should be could that have something to do with problem any info is gladly appreciated....
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If you filled the surge tank to the top, it will overflow when it heats up. Where is the leak in relation to the surge tank?
Sounds like you've tried everything - but change the temperature sensor.

I'd do that next!
Have you done the block test to test for exhaust gases in the coolant?
Have you done the block test to test for exhaust gases in the coolant?
Do this. Methinks you have a case of headgasket-itis :( Luckily our resident Mr. FixIt Jake can either sell you the parts to do this repair yourself or you can take it to him for a very reasonable price.

Good luck.
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