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1997 ETC (GAVE TO STEPSON 2011), 2000 DTS (RIP)
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'97 ETC - problems shifting out of Park sometimes - sometimes really, really bad! Checked it out and the solenoid seemed to be the problem. I didn't want to spend the time and money to replace the solenoid - I just disconnected it and problems solved.

To do it (on a '97 ETC) - easiest access if you can move the shifter to the Neutral or lower area, but possible in Park:

1. Remove the retaining clip on the front/ashtray side of the shift knob and pull up and remove the shift knob.

2. Gently pry and pull up the shifter bezel - the entire panel underneath the shifter - on my car it's wood. Disconnect the plugs from the bottom side of shifter bezel - there were three on my car - 2 were for the heated seats.

3. Look down below, in the front part of the shifter cavity - you will see a solenoid with the piston facing the back of the car - remove the plug from the solenoid.

4. Abracadbra - no more problems shifting out of Park. The shifter is still locked when in Park - this just means you don't have to step on the brake to shift from Park, which is just fine with me
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