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STS Wheels on the CTS

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Hey guys, before you skip this thread and say use the search function:banghead: ...I have already researched this but found some conflicting information and a lot of it is several years old. I have the opportunity to buy some 18x8 chrome 14 spoke wheels off of an STS.

I know the CTS can handle the 18x8's, but what is the final word on the 51mm offset? Will I be rubbing the suspension? What if I run a more narrow tire like a 235?

Or should I just bag the whole idea and go with these? I kind of like them better anyway. Metal

I remember WickedGoat saying he has access to a great wheel/tire compatibility guide at his tire shop and TX has run a bunch of wheel setups. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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those STS wheels will fit, but i am not positive what tire you could use...and i actually like that aftermarket wheel in a 20 and think it would look sick on your car
i remember reading that a long time ago, but the key question about that thread is what year did those STS wheels come from? and after re-reading that, i see his issue with the +51 offset, but something just doesnt add up to me in there. i am going to have to read that whole thread several times and try to understand what he is talking about, because i can take the wheels off my 05 and 06 STS and they fit the CTS perfect...
my STS rims are +51 also and both sets are 17s...i have 255 in the rear and 245 in the front and have plenty of clearance...and both cars are like that with the different size tires. i have no idea why caddy did this with the different size tires, but that is what is recommended also...
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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