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STS Wheels on the CTS

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Hey guys, before you skip this thread and say use the search function:banghead: ...I have already researched this but found some conflicting information and a lot of it is several years old. I have the opportunity to buy some 18x8 chrome 14 spoke wheels off of an STS.

I know the CTS can handle the 18x8's, but what is the final word on the 51mm offset? Will I be rubbing the suspension? What if I run a more narrow tire like a 235?

Or should I just bag the whole idea and go with these? I kind of like them better anyway. Metal

I remember WickedGoat saying he has access to a great wheel/tire compatibility guide at his tire shop and TX has run a bunch of wheel setups. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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Nice wheels, don't you have them on yet? We want pics man!
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