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STS-V Pricing is $77K!!!

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pricing just announced.
XLR-V is $100K

So much for value pricing.
Caddy really dropped the ball on pricing the new V's.
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b4z said:
pricing just announced.
XLR-V is $100K

So much for value pricing.
Caddy really dropped the ball on pricing the new V's.
Hi b4z,
where do you have this info from????

Vrocks said:
I'd also like to say one more thing. I actually feel that a lot of people love this domestic sales decline, and it's sick. I get the sense that people look at the paper or watch the news to see "how much did their sales slide this quarter, or did they break the record for money lost in 1 year" :crowded: .

I've been in nearly every tier 1 manufacturers car / truck and I have to say these "big flaws in GM products" are bs. Every BMW had several problems, MB had transmission problems, Toyotas :yawn: but reliable, hondas.. they're just small cars with nothing special, all previous gen Chrysler products were garbage, Fords weren't good either, and now GM.... I personally have owned 5 and shared 1 GM vehicle and here's my list of problems (over 10+ years):

- 1st car; 0 problems
- 2nd car; 0 problems
- 3rd car; 1 problem [ ignition switch assembly failed ]
- 4th car; 1 problem [ crank pulley ]
- 5th car; 0 problems
- 6th car; 1 problem [ squeak in dash, fixed in 30 minutes ]

They all drove as well if not better than a competitvely priced foreign car or truck.

The only time I'd look outside of GM is for ultra high performance vehicles.
:thumbsup: you are right Vrocks!!!!
I´m a german and since 1971 we`ve had at least one american car in our family.
1. 71 Camaro 350 4 on the floor - no problems
2. 76 Trans Am 6.6 - no problems
3. 77 Bonneville - no problems
4. 81 Olds 98 - no problems
5. 85 Bonneville (3.8 fwd) - transmission - new
6. 87 Le Sabre (3.8 fwd) - transmission - new
7. 88 Bonneville SSE ( 3.8 fwd) - transmisssion
well, the transmissions was not made for fast Autobahn-drives
8. 89 Fleetwood - no problems
9. 91 Fleetwood Sixty Special - no problems
10. 90 Fleetwood - no problems
11. 92 Eldorado - no problems
12. 93 STS - no problems
13. 95 DeVille Concours - no problems
14. 95 Fleetwood Brougham - no problems
15. 95 Eldorado - no problems
16. 98 Vette - no problems
17. 00 DTS - no problems
18. 01 Vette vert - no problems
19. 02 Vette vert 6 sp - no problems
20. 04 XLR - no problems

and all this cars are driven hard and from the 80s on they even get better gas mileage than comparable european cars. My next one will be a V, just waiting for export models!

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