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STS-V Pricing is $77K!!!

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pricing just announced.
XLR-V is $100K

So much for value pricing.
Caddy really dropped the ball on pricing the new V's.
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I doubt that there is any more legroom in the front.
I feelmore comfortable in a CTS than a STS.
Rear legroom is more however.
STS is designed toa different sandard than CTS.
Quieter and more refined.
I would have to agree with cvp33 on all of his points.

Don't forget power lumbar.

Actual MSRP is $77,090.
Availablity is late 2005.

I for one wish that the CTS had better NVH.
A few decibels knocked off in engine and road noise would be appreciated.
I bought the SRX because I felt like it had 1 more generation in improvements over the CTS.
Another Update:

2006 STS-V production will be limited to 2000 vehicles.

Available late November.
1 - 6 of 199 Posts
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