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CVP33 said:
I doubt highly that anyone who owns a CTS-V bought it because it was a Cadillac. If anything the name plate was nearly a deterent. As for me, I bought a 4 door Corvette. And for the record it's far more than entry level. :lildevil:
I couldn't agree more! I have never owned a Cadillac before and had to think long and hard about owning one being an M and AMG kind of guy. What I bought was a 4-door Corvette, nothing more, nothing less. I personally would not buy an STS-V or XLR-V no matter how good, in their price rangew I would and will go for the M5 or SLK55 as they give you more bang for not so much more $.

The CTS-V does things that that only the RS4 and M5 can better and is MUCH less expensive making it the bargain of the group and a viable product.

Now if only the CTS-V was 15% smaller and 300lbs lighter...oh well, can't have everything! :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 199 Posts
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