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I think GNSCOTT has it right about the SRT8--I'm worried that this 77K will drive more people away from GM and into a 300C Hemi or SRT8 (or the CTSV), and maybe pick up a nice winter car or track car for the difference.

Not sure how you can say any car is better than any other car if you haven't driven both. I'm looking forward to driving an STSV to compare with my CTSV. But with all of the extra features listed and the pictures I have seen, I'm worried that it will feel to me like the Chrysler cars of the 80's and 90's felt to me compared to the GM cars of the same period--kind of a car-maker role reversal, GM morphing into Chrysler and vice-versa.:hmm:
1 - 1 of 199 Posts
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