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All I'm saying is that the STS has more features and options than the CTS. Take my word for it or research it yourself, it's a fact. Hence, the STS commands a higher price than the CTS. Like it or not, CTS is still the entry level sedan. You CTS-V guys seem like you think your car is God and there's absolutely no reason for anyone to buy an STS-V, that's far from being the case.

If the CTS isn't the entry level Cadillac, what is? (And don't say BLS, because that's not out yet, and isn't even going to be available in the US.)[/QUOTE]

Get your cars right! You seem to think the V is the same as the CTS (any regular model CTS). This is as accurate as saying the BMW 3 series is the same as an M3 or a 500 series is an M5. Totally different cars for totally different markets. Go DRIVE a V and then tell me you don't want one (if you can drive a stick and like to drive). If you like to float and be surronded by woodgrain the V is not your car but if you want to DRIVE a car and feel the joy of power, handeling and yes superior stopping then a V is your car. I agree that the Cadillac name almost kept me from buying the V and I really wish the badge on it was just that, a V without the CTS attachment. Notice how BMW keeps the M series distinct? That is what Cadillac should do with all of it's V-s.
1 - 1 of 199 Posts
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