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STS-V Pricing is $77K!!!

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pricing just announced.
XLR-V is $100K

So much for value pricing.
Caddy really dropped the ball on pricing the new V's.
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I can't believe I just read 6 pages of V vs. V. Maybe because it was entertaining. Maybe because I wanted to see the outcome. However there was no outcome.

At the end the way I see it, the STS-V owners have what they wanted, the "V" style to make it look fast, improved performance numbers over the stock STS, news that the STS might be a contender in its class, and yet the proposed buyers for these cars are buying it for the luxury because their main use for the car is not for performance. :tisk:

On the other hand, what was attempted many times to be explained by CTS-V owners, in my opinion, was why CTS-V owners could justify the purchase of the V over a stock CTS. Yes it makes a lot of sense. The CTS-V is a performance car. Buying a V is what that means.

It doesn't mean that you can slap a V emblem on another vehicle and not follow what the initial goal accomplished with the CTS-V. So that is why, I think most of us CTS-V owners are upset. It's not because we think you guys are above us. How could we, we're faster and still have luxury implemented in our cars. It's because there's some ignorance coming from the STS-V fans on identifying the cars real purpose.

Seeing a V emblem go on a vehicle with all the tools it should have except the automatic tranny and seeing it still suffer performing top in its class. It's shameful for the STS-V owners and for Cadillac. Cadillac is only now to my eyes, trying to make a profit on it and what I'm seeing now is, they're losing that passion they had when they developed the CTS-V.

So we should all be upset with Cadillac and not really with the proposed buyers for this car. All we can do is give them a wave by and feel sorry they didn't get what we current "V" owners know they deserved when we blow by them. :burn:
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davesdeville said:
Even some of your fellow CTS-V owners recognize the STS-V is gonna be quicker on acceleration. Which, btw, is why I see the need to pick up an STS-V over a STS V8 - the CTS-V crowd are the enthusiasts who will take their car to the road course and dragstrip, the STS-V owners are less likely to do that but everybody pulls up at a stoplight now and then.
Keep thinking that the STS-V is going to be faster than a stock CTS-V at the light. When a stock CTS-V smokes you tell us all about how you got killed. However, if the CTS-V gets smoked, we'll make the playing field even. Meaning, a supercharged CTS-V against your supercharged STS-V. Obviously STS-V will be no contest. So in the long run, CTS-V has more potential if you want to get into a stoplight contest.
MCaesar said:
Most of all, I am tired of GM trying cheap marketing ploys instead of building the best cars on the planet.
Werd, preach on brotha....:highfive:
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