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STS-V Pricing is $77K!!!

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pricing just announced.
XLR-V is $100K

So much for value pricing.
Caddy really dropped the ball on pricing the new V's.
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This is a fun thread. Steering dangerously near to ad hominim at times, but still funny.

Whomever said that we're talking about two different types of buyers got it right:
  • CTS-V buyer: wants a serious engine and chassis with lots of go-fast and road feel. If there's a nice luxury car wrapped around the engine, so much the better, but digital ashtrays and automatic floor mats aren't really differentiators for him. This buyer would probably be in a Z06 if he didn't have to haul more than one other person around on a fairly regular basis.
  • STS-V buyer: wants a quiet luxury car with a cushier ride. If it happens to have an engine, so much the better. This buyer would probably be in a Rolls if he truly had 'serious bank.'
There's no shame in buying an STS-V if that's your cup of tea (for sure, you won't be as likely to SPILL your cup of tea as you float your STS down the road). I can afford the STS-V (I have semi-serious bank) but like Chris, I'm more the four-door Corvette CTS-V kinda guy. I love doing my own shifting most of the time, except when I'm bogged down in traffic on the freeways, at which times I'd love to have the STS-V slushbox. (No, I take that back. It's not worth it. As I've said before, paddles are for recalcitrant children.)

Only time will tell, but it's possible that the STS-V does have one feature that we CTS-V owners would kill for: a bullet-proof differential.
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I think we should leave the discussion of "Who's faster?" until we get some third party empirical test results under our belts. We're all whistling in the dark right now. But some guys just like to argue for no good reason, I guess. Fallaciously, sometimes. (No, I'm not saying anyone's gay...)

I wouldn't be at all surprised if an STS-V tuner pops out of the woodwork down the road, offering small tweaks to up the power. (Smaller pulley? K&N? CAI? Exhaust? And beyond?) I can see it now: "You've spent a bazillion bucks and still can't catch that M5, not to mention LawFive's 585 horsies and 547... torquies? Well, just give us $___ and one week. When we're done, you'll at least be able to catch the M5!"

Another comment buried in what's now this six page thread resonates with me: I don't recall when the STS guys have ever come into our forum and peed on us, or our car, e.g. "Your CTS-V interior is cheaper and sucks more than ours!" "No, it doesn't!" "Yes, it does!" "No, it doesn't!" (actually: yes, it does). So CTS-V guys play nice, stay objective, and remember this:
Every dollar the STS-V guys spend over cost is a dollar that GM can plow into the upcoming redesign of the CTS-V. Assuming GM survives that long.

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Dooman said:
And just remember, the new AMG 500+hp motor is now NOT supercharged. They can say they do it without pressure.
I think you're making our guys' point: drop an LS7 in the STS-V = 500+ HP normally aspirated. Then offer an STS-V+ (e.g. M or AMG) version with a blower, and stand back.

Or just get it over with and put a blown LS7 on the base STS-V.

"Can you say, 'SL65 killer'? Sure. I knew you could."
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