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Sts Turbo?

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I found a universal turbo kit, just lookin for input to see if you guys think it would be worth it?
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I thought doing a turbo kit from them would be a great idea! Although, it would probably have to be a twin turbo system. I was thinking right where the mufflers are would make a nice home for a couple hairdriers:thumbsup:
Have done a few on the Maros and there ok, Make great power and makes the car real fun. Not the neatest fit ever but still if you want a cheap turbo setup its the way to go.
Would it even be possible to route the tubing under the car? Doesn't seem to be much room in there.
There's room. :lildevil: Almost pulled the trigger on a sponsorship gig. Figured and opted to go to the four two seven high compression for now....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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